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Young Carers One to One Support

11th October 2021

Being a young carer can have a big impact on the things that are important to growing up.

Many young carers struggle to juggle their education and caring which can cause pressure and stress. Caring can also affect a young person’s health, social life and self-confidence.

What is one to one support?

Our one to one support service gives young carers an opportunity to chat with a support worker who understands the situation at home and the effects of caring.

They can work together to try and help the young carer with anything that’s worrying them.

The Practicalities

One to one support is usually offered to young carers who are at the point of crisis, this is normally identified by the support worker at assessment or review. Sometimes the young carer themselves, a family member or a professional will request one to one support.

The support is offered over 6 sessions, the frequency of these are discussed and agreed between the young carer and support worker.

The sessions are usually carried out in school but can be carried out at another suitable venue if school isn’t appropriate.

If, after 6 sessions, the support worker feels they would benefit from more support an extra 3 sessions may be agreed.

How it can help

One to one sessions give young carers the space and freedom to talk privately to a support worker they are familiar with (confidentiality and safeguarding rules apply). The can discuss their caring role and anything else that they are struggling with.

If the young carer gives permission the support worker can liaise with other professionals e.g. school staff or parents if this would be beneficial to the young carer and their needs.

Where appropriate the young carer may be signposted to other agencies for support.

The sessions can lead to the young carer being supported to improve important aspects of their lives and understand that they are not alone. They can help in overcoming confidence issues, making improvements to school and / or family life, reducing feelings of frustration or anger and developing individual coping strategies for when life gets a little tough.  

You can find more information about our support for young carers by clicking here.

Thank You

The young carers one to one support is currently funded by Sellafield Ltd.