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2nd September 2021

A Case Study

Mr A aged 79 cares for his wife aged 75 who has a diagnosis of mixed dementia. They have managed to continue to live a fulfilling life in retirement despite living with this diagnosis. He manages all of his wife’s care needs along with many of her daily living tasks, as they have no family living locally who could provide any help.  They have managed quite well together until recently when his wife’s symptoms have increased.

Mr A was referred to West Cumbria Carers by his GP. One of our Adult Carers Support Workesr met with the couple and they completed a carer’s assessment and a contingency plan, which identified a number of key areas of support.  These were put into place to help Mr A and included:

  • One to one telephone support.
  • Stress management and relaxation techniques.
  • Advice and support on available benefits they may be eligible to.

Mr A initially refused any benefit support. As retired professionals he felt that "why should they be entitled to any extra money and what would people think if they knew?" The couple, like many others in their circumstances, are entitled to financial support to help with extra costs associated with illness or disability.  Mr A attended one of our Benefits Clinics at his local library and met with our Benefit Support Worker. He received advice and support to claim Attendance Allowance and following this he now has a Council Tax Reduction in place for someone in the household who lives with an enduring mental illness. 

Attendance Allowance is only one of the benefits available to people living with a long term illness or disability. It is a tax free non means tested benefit which helps with the extra costs you incur if you are ill or disabled. The benefit amount is based on the help and support a person needs.  Mrs A now has a cleaner who helps and it takes a little pressure off Mr A, freeing up his time to support his wife.

Depending on your circumstances there are other options available for financial support through different benefits and funding sources. If you are struggling financially because of ill health or are in a caring role for someone then book an appointment with our support worker at one of our library clinics, where we can look at your circumstances and identify what support is available.