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Befuddled by Benefits?

12th August 2019

If you are befuddled by benefits you are not alone!

Here at West Cumbria Carers we know how difficult it can be to find the time to understand all the different rules and regulations about the different benefits you might be eligible for and that’s before you’ve even started to fill in the forms!

Why not call our staff to find out about our Benefit Clinics and how we can help?

Our Benefit Support Worker explains ‘Navigating your way through the benefits system understanding entitlement and completing paperwork is complicated and time consuming. A real headache for busy, stressed carers.’

The additional costs involved when living with illness or disability can cause people to struggle financially, the money you may be entitled to can make a huge difference.

Our Benefit Clinics are held regularly in Libraries accross West Cumbria - for dates and more information please click here.

We can help you to complete applications for Attendance AllowancePersonal Independence PaymentCarers Allowance,Carers Credit and DLA (under 16's only). 

In addition we can provide you with information about and support to access; Council tax discounts, health benefits and funding, grants from appropriate charitable trusts and benevolent foundations, and discounts from local businesses, leisure facilities etc.

If you are a carer and would like to know if you are entitled to any of the benefits listed above contact Lynne Christie-Quinn at or call 01900 821 976.

Lynne can then book you into an appointment at your nearest clinic.